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Latvian Beer is Better Than You Think

As I lay half awake in my cozy, warm hostel bunk listening to the cold rain fall beneath dark Latvian skies just feet away, I try to remember why I was trying to drag myself from such relative heaven and into the cold. Ah, but because beer of course! Alas not just any beer, but a certain Latvian craft species produced by the fun-to-pronounce name of Valmiermui┼ża Alus Daritava.

Since my first sip of this micro brewery's delicious dark lager a few nights prior in a Riga pub,  I knew I had to find out more about one of the smallest and youngest currently in Latvia.

I must admit that I was quite surprised when my bar tender informed me of their immense popularity and infancy status. After all, judging by the super-classical label designs and accompanying glassware alone, one would probably assume a firm footprint in the Latvian beer industry for centuries, not making such market waves in just a meager five years.

Now I'm intrigued. So I decide to myself: a trip to this brewery mu…