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Up and Rawring with TRex: Cisco's Open Traffic Generator

Network performance testing is hard. Historically it's required expensive [cost-prohibitive for < $BN enterprises] equipment starting at tens of thousands of dollars for what amounts to an overly complex traffic simulation appliance, then practically requiring a professional level certification just to operate it. Sound familiar at all?

Personally I must admit that I've largely scoffed at the entire concept of simulated traffic testing, noble as it may be. I conceded that, as an engineer of a relatively budget-conscious organization, the only way to properly test something on the network was to simply put it into production, and then watch it from a safe distance whilst wearing a white lab coat and holding a pen and clipboard. Either it would perform admirably, or promptly catch fire and explode, indicating a yank-and-forget...or a step upgrade. Easy enough. That being said, it's just not everyday that a big name vendor offers a super useful tool completely free of cha…

AWS CloudFormation for NFV

Are you thinking of deploying virtual network appliances in Amazon EC2? If so, eventually you'll realize that launching instances in AWS from the wizard can become a bit cumbersome. Thinking long term you'll likely need a more automated, repeatable approach. Enter: CloudFormation.

This entry will serve mostly as an introduction to 'infrastructure as code', especially for us dense, behind the times network types but perhaps not for those already well-versed in this arena.