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AWS Transit VPC: Don't fear the CSR!

What a difference a few years make...or have they? Since my 2013 entry on the same topic, inter-regional AWS overlay networking solutions have matured at AWS, at least ever so slightly. Since that time AWS have gracefully provided a few more-seamless ways to establish inter and intra-regional VPC transport, though not all fully native ones.

In 2014 landed VPC peering, which is a useful, natively-integrated AWS product, though only disappoints once one realizes that it's restricted to intra-regional VPC peering connectivity only. While great for linking VPC connectivity within a single region, you're out of luck still if you wanted to interconnect beyond those regional boundaries (US-East-1 <-> EU-West-1). The non-transitive nature also limits the design you can use even within that single region, since full connectivity between all of your VPCs would require a full mesh.

Then, in 2016 comes what AWS calls the Transit VPC to tackle that very real issue of inter-regional …