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Five Reasons I Love Juniper's SRX Firewall (and am cynical of NGFW)

A fair bit of my job is spent comparing network vendor solutions, and one of those solutions is network firewalls for the cloud tenant edge. While Cisco and other incumbents seem to be busy playing a game of catch-up to market leader Palo Alto, I meanwhile still need solutions that aren't so intently focused on the enterprise.

To be clear, I totally understand the value in an organization wanting a clean way to view a spyglass of information and intelligence gathering, however some of us aren't designing for those features specifically, yet it's where the firewall market seems to be quickly heading.

It's for this reason I find Juniper's SRX to nicely blur the lines between functions by blending features of a traditional firewall and a traditional router in just a single piece of metal (or VM). Here's five [opinionated] reasons behind that stance.

1. Has the Heart of Junos OS A firewall appliance that doesn't compromise on robust routing, VPN, control-plane…