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Let's Build a Datacenter Network

It's quite common to hear of companies these days planning to migrate some or all of their infrastructure into third-party cloud providers such as AWS. However, for some organizations it still makes good sense to build physical, on-premises data centers to either augment that cloud workload presence or supplement it entirely. Today I'm going to pretend I'm working for one of those companies and come up with a network design to build out, just to get the juices flowing.

Be forewarned: brief this article is not, but I have glossed over a few details here and there for some brevity. Really, I wanted to illustrate some of the decisions that go into the process for those unaccustomed or otherwise curious.
The Challenge Let's say a startup has hired me to design a data center network for their existing co-lo space that will be used to host all of their services. All that I've been given so far are four 42RU, dual-power cabinets in the datacenter cage, and two upstream I…