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What is SD-WAN and will it Replace MPLS?

I've noticed quite a lot of confusion in the networking realm over the last few years, even by experienced networking professionals, as to what exactly SD-WAN is and for what use cases one may consider using it for. Well, here's my take on hopefully clearing some things up.

First things first...
How SD-WAN compares to traditional MPLS L3VPN They're both managed VPN services, it's mostly a difference of who's performing the encapsulation and doing the management. SD-WAN offers true CE-to-CE flow encryption, whereas MPLS isn't encrypted at all and performs encap/decap on the upstream PE routers for each site. SD-WAN needs this encryption since it relies on the Internet to be it's backbone, where MPLS is contained in a service provider's VRF.

Bottom line: Carriers are maddeningly slow and expensive, and the SD-WAN market wouldn't have been created at all if it weren't to give a giant middle finger to that.
SD-WAN technology isn't standardized;…