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Putting Virtual Networking into the Fast Lane

Here's a write up on some of the dirty details that I've learned over the last year or so while building an NFV (network function virtualization) platform with the goal of virtualizing edge devices at scale. If you've ever wondered how to get usable, scalable performance out of virtualized networking drivers and appliances in production then hopefully you'll find this useful.

While deploying specialized, purpose built network hardware might still make sense to many organizations who require a certain level of scale and performance (read: layer 2-3), I'd like to explore for a moment the possibilities which stem from the proliferation of x86-based cloud platforms, namely: virtual network appliances and their capability to eliminate the rapidly less-sexy sound of network appliances being unwieldy racked & stacked in your edge cabs.

What must system owners consider before making a transition to virtual appliances for services such as firewall security, VPN and loa…