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GCP Network Design: The Basics

This is a write up on best practice networking basics for Google Cloud Platform with what I've learned over the last year while working on a large company migration to the cloud from AWS. I hope that it comes in handy for anyone new to designing networking in and to Google Cloud, or those who may just be generally interested in the details of the networking architecture stitching their projects together.

Overview The Google Cloud Platform (the AWS-like division of the larger "Google Cloud", hereon referred to as just 'GCP'') organizational resource layout is generally like this:

Created cloud resources live in a VPC, which are part of a project, which are organized in folders or subfolders.

The flow is... Create a folder for each BU or department in your organization. From there, create a project for nearly everything else. This includes creating a dedicated project for the shared VPC to exist in. Nearly every different use case pretty much gets its own proj…