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Running ASA on Firepower 2100: An End-to-End Guide

This process shows you step by step how to run the tried and tested ASA appliance on a Firepower 2100 series chassis out of the box. Note that no special hardware (SSD, etc) is needed on the Firepower 2100 series devices to support this configuration.

A quick housekeeping aside: To anyone who reads this article and believes that one is giving up security by replacing FTD with ASA, I strongly contend that you're probably wrong about that. Also, if from reading this it sounds as though I'm being harsh toward Cisco and their Firepower product team's top-level decision making, it's only because it actually is that terrible. </sarcastic rant>

On that note, let's get started! Concepts and Key Terms Cisco's Firepower isn't actually a product in and of itself but a suite of products and subcomponents. For those uninitiated with the breakdown, it's important to understand what those components are for this procedure. FXOS (Firepower eXtensible OS) - More or…